Meet Our Team

Our physicians are known and respected for their expertise, dedication, and commitment to providing the finest radiation oncology care. They work with your primary doctor, surgeons and/or oncologist to provide coordinated, comprehensive cancer care that is precisely tailored to your unique needs.


Boris Naydich, M.D.


Medical Degree: Kemerovo Medical School

Residency: National Cancer Institute

Board Certification: Radiation Oncology

Kathleen Settle, M.D.


Medical Degree: Jefferson Medical College

Residency: University of Maryland

Board Certification: Radiation Oncology

Beant Gill, M.D.

Medical director

Medical Degree: George Washington University

Residency: University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

Board Certification: Radiation Oncology


Aileen Kim, M.D.


Medical Degree: Duke University School of Medicine

Residency: University of Washington

Board Certification: Radiation Oncology

In addition to the physicians, several other staff members collaborate together for your treatment:

Involved with treatment plan quality assurance, verifying accuracy of treatment delivery each day, and facilitating in advanced treatments


Work with your physicians, physicists and therapists to generate a three-dimensional, individualized plan before starting treatment, focusing on targeting and avoiding certain areas

Radiation Therapists

Involved daily to ensure your treatment is delivered consistently by reproducing set up and delivering the prepared treatment plan


Help coordinate your care before, during and after radiation therapy and check in with you during treatment, alongside physicians, to manage any side effects

Administrative Staff

Front desk, billing and transportation staff aid with the day-to-day operations